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The Auto Moto is a three wheel scooter that is partially enclosed. The three wheel configuration provides increased traction and greater stability while riding. The unique tilting system allows all three wheels to stay on the ground while carving through turns, as the cab tilts independently of the engine and back wheels. The Auto Moto [...]

The Shoprider Flagship enclosed personal mobility scooter is mostly suited as a disability scooter or electric wheelchair. The electric motor brings a single passenger to a top speed of 10 mph, and its unique enclosed cab allows it to be driven in more adverse weather conditions than a typical disability scooter. The MSRP of the [...]

This fully enclosed motorcycle seems to defy gravity at first glance, as there is no way for the rider to put their feet down when stopped. But when it slows to a stop, stabilizer wheels drop down from each side to keep the bike upright. The company that produces the MonoTracer, Peraves, only plans on [...]

The Carver One is a completely enclosed three wheel vehicle. It has an automatic balancing “Dynamic Vehicle Control” system that assists the rider in tilting or “carving” through turns. The Carver One is on sale in Europe for a bit over $40,000, but it has not made it to the US market yet.

The fully electric TREV trike concept was designed by students at the University of South Australia and is said to use a 5th of the energy of a conventional car. Not quite a car, not quite a scooter, the three wheeled TREV can take two passengers, in a tandem configuration, to a top speed of [...]

Looking like a vehicle straight out of the future, the Peugeot+ was actually designed with the future in mind. This fully enclosed 3 wheel concept was designed with the notion that there is an increasing need for more compact forms of transportation, as space on the road is quickly diminishing. The three wheel design increases [...]

This compact enclosed three wheeler concept is built primarily from lightweight but sturdy materials like carbon fiber and fiber glass to keep weight down and fuel efficiency up. The 3GEO is a hybrid, relying on a combination of battery power and a conventional natural gas or biodiesel engine.

This Honda concept enclosed trike is a scooter geared toward tackling the transportation problem in ever more crowded cities. It is a fully electric scooter, seats one passenger, and the windshield tilts forward to allow the rider to exit the vehicle.

BMW has designed this three wheel enclosed concept for urban driving. CLEVER stands for Compact Low Emission Vehicle for Urban Transport, and has been under development since 2002.