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What is an enclosed scooter?

Definition of an Enclosed Scooter

Enclosed scooters come in many shapes and sizes, but they all share one thing in common; they are all enclosed. This website refers to these vehicles as “scooters” but often times they can be likened to cars, and sometimes they are completely in a class of their own.

These scooters, also called “covered” scooters or scooters with a “canopy” typically have a roof and a windshield. Apart from only having a roof and a windshield, these scooters are often times fully enclosed, and some of them even have doors. The scooters that are fully enclosed must typically have auto-stabilization systems to keep them upright, as there is usually no way for the rider to put their feet down while in the fully enclosed cab. Some enclosed scooters, however, are only partially enclosed, and allow the rider to put their feet down when stopped. Many enclosed scooters are three wheel scooters, though some of them are two or four wheel vehicles.

Why Enclosed Scooters Make Sense

Enclosed scooters vary widely, but the main benefit of all of them is the same; the enclosure protects the rider from the elements. Aside from offering shelter, an enclosed scooter will often times stand out among the other vehicles on the road, increasing visibility, and in turn safety, of the rider. Enclosed scooters have recently been gaining popularity, and they are starting to become a more commonplace form of transportation. As such, this website is set to inform people of the benefits and pleasures of owning ENCLOSED SCOOTERS.